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Here are some of my latest works. More is available in my gallery.


Today I present you my new work: "Crina". Now that I've already used this format once, I just wanted to try it again.


It's cold outside, the new year has dawned and in keeping with this theme, I present you my new, very wintry-looking work "Sebari". With a total of 60 x 50 cm, it is one of the smaller works of mine, but I had as always a lot of fun and could live out wonderfully. I really hope you like what you see. Stay healthy!


I wish you all a happy new year! Hopefully there's not so much bad news in 2021 and you are all happy and especially healthy :-)


I wish you a wonderful holiday! Even if it is a little different this year, I really hope that you can switch off a little in the (small) circle of your loved ones.


The fourth advent is here! It is not far until Christmas Eve and I wish you wonderful holidays in the circle of your loved ones. - If you are still looking for a "last minute" Christmas gift, I would be very happy about a message from you!


Today I present to you "Hokkari". This work was created very intuitively and reflects for me so many aspects of my time in the Ruhr area, Germany.


The mini-series comes to an end: Aisas is the second piece of my Christmas-themed mini-series. Both pieces can be hung together and make a playful, but still adult, overall picture. In line with my pricing policy, I can also offer a reduced price for the complete series (i.e. as a two-piece mural).


Christmas is getting closer and closer and even though the situation is very tense because of the current health situation, I really hope that you can spend the 3rd Advent with some relaxation and full of anticipation for Christmas. Stay healthy!


Did you all clean your boots and put them out? - From the bottom of my heart I wish you a beautiful St. Nicholas day and 2nd Advent! During the week we had snow in Rodgau. That was really very Christmassy :-)


Today, after a short break, I present you my new work: "Aisar". With only 40 x 40 cm it is a relatively small painting, which I present within a mini-series consisting of two works.


I wish you a wonderful first Advent! Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the Christmas season sufficiently and find a little relaxation despite the current situation.


After a short creative break, I present "Epami" today, a four-part that is worked a little differently.


Hello my dears! Today there were some changes to the website again. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to put my prices on every single picture so that you no longer have to calculate it yourself. The basis for price calculation has of course remained the same. There are still a few changes planned for the site - so please come back soon ;-)


New format, new color combination and a well-known motif: "Lysalee" I would like to introduce you to today. In light colors, the picture looks very happy, radiant and calm to me. How does it affect you?


I am very happy to present my newest work "Piper" to you today! I've always found the idea of "picture in picture" very appealing and I just tried it out ;-)


I am always looking for new ideas for my work and I am very enthusiastic about bright colors. For the occasion, I was looking for light colors that on the one hand go well together and on the other hand harmonize perfectly despite different colors. The result was "Canari", a colorful three-piece.


"Mido" is my last work from the "subsidiary colors" series. Although I wanted to show the harmony in the differences with each work, each picture appears harmonious in itself, but brings a very different feeling across.


You already know my "standard" formats well enough. That's why I decided to use a different format, which should still be multi-part. After a bit of planning, I came to the decision to work on a three-part with three identical canvases. With three 20x50 cm frames and a total size of 60x50 cm I present you "Throas" today.


Today I am introducing you to my second work from the “subsidiary colors” series. The picture is called "Daro" and shows again how much harmony two very different colors can radiate.


Today I present you my new work "Zircello". I chose different techniques for the individual layers of paint to find out more about how they interact with each other. It was a lot of fun and this will definitely not be the last work of its kind.


Again and again I hear "I have no space in my apartment for those large pictures." and that's why I decided to create small series with small pictures measuring 40x40 cm. Each series deals with its own topic and I will try to work on the respective topic with different colors. I will start today with a miniseries with the theme "subsidiary colors" to which three works will belong. "Cari" is the first picture in this series. I tried to work with two colors that didn't go together well - What do you think?


My closest friends support me in every way and they always inspire me to try new things. "Nyanja" is a work that reflects this inspiration to me. I worked this picture with my painting knives, with which I created my very own "handwriting".


As you know, I'm still trying out some stuff. I fell in love with the painting knife, but you should always think outside the box, right? My latest work "Nimuh" was created with a little use of painting knives, a lot of brush technique and a spray can. I experimented a bit with translucent colors. What do you think? :)


Some people are already following me on Instagram. I have just created a Facebook account and will also post my work there in the future. I am very happy about any likes and will also be happy to answer your questions there! - You can find a link to my Facebook account at the top right next to the navigation menu.


"Do something different" I thought to myself when I started my new painting "Evero". Starting like I did with "Snow", I wanted to combine many of my used techniques in my new pictures. So I brushed, troweled, dabbed and used new colors. What do you think about that? :-)


The weather is changeable, but still summery. With "Anic" I tried to capture my feeling the last hot temperatured days. What do you think? :)


"Skyta" was finished today. You can see in my online gallery whether I have succeeded in capturing the radiance of the sky or not!


With "Zuath" I took a little excursion in a new directionin art and deviated from my often used rigid shapes and sharp edges. With this very colorful work, I was finally able to tick off things that have occupied me for a long time. Freedom!


Today the new commissioned work "Fraisor" was handed over to its new owner. Are you interested? Then have a look at my gallery page ;-)


And there are already three weeks over. Today I picked up "Nystria" from the gallery in Mülheim. Don't worry, it wasn't my last exhibition there. ;-)


I know that I haven't published anything for a long time. I find that a shame myself, but ... surprise! Unfortunately, I couldn't be creative and work, because my room was chaotic for a few days, then empty and then a construction site. The result is awesome and I can really get going again! If you want to see a picture of my new worktable, have a look in the "About" section.


The moment has come: my first art exhibition. With only one work, but people see something drawn by me! This is really exciting and it seems that it's well received? Klaus, the curator, put my work in a very nice and obvious place in the gallery. Great!


It will be exciting! Today was my first visit in the Ruhrgalergy. I submitted my work for the group exhibition "SCHÖNER!". I was warmly welcomed and so I'm just happier looking forward to the exhibition on July 12th finally starts.


There is an appointment! The Beethoven exhibition "SCHÖNER!" from the Ruhr Gallery in Mülheim an der Ruhr takes place in three parts in order to meet the specified protective measures. My work "Nystria" will be on view in the Ruhr Galerie (Ruhrstraße 3, 45468 Mülheim / Ruhr, Germany) from July 12th to August 2nd. Maybe I'll see you there! I'm really excited.


"Avrine" has a new home! Today we start our journey to a small town in rural Saxony, Germany. It is difficult to say goodbye, but it makes me very happy that this individual work will soon decorate the wall of an apartment.


Yesterday my work "Nystria", from the series "Symphonies of Hope", became the work of art of the day in the online exhibition "NOCH SCHÖNER!" selected and published by the Ruhr Galerie Mülheim. As soon as the situation permits, this work will also be performed live at the associated exhibition "SCHÖNER!" to be admired on site. Until then, I hope that you are all well!


At the moment everyone is probably wishing for order and structure. I expressed this longing with "Sahri". Relatively simple and reduced, the result is very modern and 'tidy'. What do you think?


Inspired by my best friend, "Shanim" was created, a multi-part that was worked with only three colors. The path from neon pink shoelaces to this work went around a few corners, but it's best to see for yourself ;-)


Capturing a feeling in a work is the essence of art. Even if we are all facing difficult times at the moment, we should not forget which feelings inspire us. "Varro" is my embodiment of passion and desire. This work is worked with the spatula and numerous shades of red.


Let your mind wander, spontaneously choose colors and start painting. When I thought of a turquoise beach, I lost myself in the waves of the water and that's how "Witrox" was born.


Today the Beethoven exhibition "SCHÖNER" was originally supposed to start in the Ruhr Galerie in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Unfortunately, it was postponed indefinitely. As part of this exhibition, I wanted to present one of my works from the "Symphonies of Hope" mini series in line with the topic. This mini series comprises two works, one of which I would like to show today: "Nystrea". The second work will be shown for the first time, as planned, at the exhibition in the Ruhr Galerie. You can be excited!


After my move, not yet everything is as I personally would like it to be. A lot of things in the apartment and in my study look pretty messy. After the last artworks, I finally wanted to work with the spatula again and took chaos as a model: "Clarine" was the result. After completion, I noticed that there is a certain order in every chaos. ;-)


In every situation there is still a little girl in every adult woman and I took up this topic in the four-part work "Simay". It was very exciting to work and play with these lovely colors. The main tools were brushes and stencils.


The joint exhibition planned by the Ruhr Gallery in Mülheim an der Ruhr "SCHÖNER!", at which I should have celebrated my debut with one work, is unfortunately postponed until further notice due to the taken preventatives regarding the coronavirus cases in Germany. Unfortunately, a new date has not yet been set. - I'm sad about it because I was looking forward to the vernissage, but I understand the arrangements and hope for an appointment soon.


The move has finally been completed! Unfortunately, everything took a little longer than we expected. But now - in my new study - I can start again. I am very happy to be able to work creatively again; I really missed it.


Finally the time has come! My husband and I have an appointment to collect the keys for our new apartment in Rodgau. We are very happy that the move is coming and that we will soon be out of the urban jungle. In the meantime, I ask for a little patience, cause due to the preparations for the move I have little time to work.


"Skyline" was completed in the middle of preparations for the move. The first sunny days of the year inspired me to create this. This work was mainly done with the brush and spray paint. The asymmetry creates unrest, the colors suggest calm - a balanced couple.


Try and see what comes out: "Cubic" was created yesterday. The work was done with a brush, bubble wrap, painter's crepe and a lot of patience due to drying times. The spatial effect with the shades is an absulute eye-catcher.


The one-piece "Forest" was finished last night. The picture was worked with my beloved painting knives. I got the inspiration for this picture on a walk in the forest with my husband and my Border Collie Mio. Nature is a gift!


In keeping with the turn of the year, my website has been comprehensively updated and finally an English version is also available!


I wish you all a happy new year! Hopefully you can achieve what you set out to do.


The last day of the year - that's why I wholeheartedly wish you a nice New Year's Eve party and a good start to the new year 2020 with your loved ones!


The end of the year is rich in contrast: "Leydric". The leveled middle piece looks a bit dark and is in direct contrast to the white border. The abstract lettering and the final finish in black or white dissolve this contrast a little.


Colorful and in a new format comes "Dukar". Finished this morning, the interplay of colors captivates. The main tool was again the painting knife, so that the unique structure of the surface lives up to the term 'unique'.


Christmas is just around the corner, gifts are available and meals are planned. I wish everyone a contemplative and beautiful party in this way. Enjoy the holidays and let your mind wander. It's time to relax from everyday life!


The first commissioned work "Argos" was published today. The work commissioned at the beginning of December should be dynamic and lively but only contain black, white and possibly some silver. After much thought, the work started during the month. The result can now also be found in the gallery.


"You get known through presence," I was told when I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. I have to agree with this person without envy - So today I took another step towards "presence": Instagram. You can now find me at @artbymariawagner and can contact me a little more directly. I am very happy about support!


Christmas is coming soon, unfortunately the weather is not feeling wintry in Essen. To escape from this gray, "Isyma" is just the thing. Today the four-part was finished. Flowery colors and floral, abstract spatulated sections indicate the next season. Light and dark sections compete with rich and cheerful colors - in keeping with spring.


Is street art worth a try? A little bit of it shows "Avrine". This three-part set captivates with two things: the center of the picture, highlighted in gray with free drapes and an abstract lettering, and the color-contrasting outer areas, which show an interplay of matt and glossy elements. A lot of tension that promises fascination.


"Carenia", my first fully spatulated four-part, was created today. The asymmetrical frames of the individual canvases and the color transitions bring a certain dynamic with them. A real eye-catcher!


Earthy, heavy and dark: "Mundus" finished today. The course of the colors is fascinating and thanks to the new matt drying colors, a contrast with glossy and non-glossy textures can be displayed.


New colors, new canvases - a dream! Matt drying, rich colors. The stretched canvases on stretcher bars are of really good quality. A new partnership is born: with the Paintersisters in Neuss!


It's getting colder outside. But it's still pretty rainy. How about snow? The four-part "Snow" was created with this in mind. The background is spotted with two shades of blue, several brushed or spatulated lines cover the entire image and snowflakes were sprayed on as a finish. Very wintry!


The website style has remained - as promised. Now image views also work perfectly on mobile devices. That makes me very proud.


Clear edges, order in the disorder: "Amari", a three-part, embodies exactly that. The background is worked with the brush and the quarders were spotted, brushed, filled - a little bit of everything. It's always worth trying out!


It should be abstract and modern - based on this basic understanding, the four-part "Pink Passion" was finished this morning. Clear edges and color differences create a lot of excitement and some effects were achieved by dabbing.


"Bakas" was completed this morning. The background is set in silver with a colorful, completely filled tile pattern. The incorporated structures in the color are really eye-catchers.


"Tundra" was finished today. Anticipation for winter with this four-piece! The background is spotted on white in several colors. I applied the rest with my painting knife. Shiny finish - done!


Hello world! My website is finally online. Everything is still in its infancy but 'what lasts a long time is finally good' as the german saying goes. The basic style of the website will continue, bit everything else will probably change soon - more modern and especially optimized for smartphones. This way: get to work!