My name is Maria Wagner. After graduating from high school I studied chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen and pursued my scientific career with ambition. In spring 2016 I paused my study right before the master's thesis due to health reasons. During my recovery I rediscovered my passion for painting. And this way I decided to turn my hobby into a profession.

Since my childhood I carried around painting materials anywhere to be able to run my creativity free every day. Back in my school days art classes were quite annoying due to too rigid specifications. However I chose the advanced art course in high school. Art history, architecture, photography ... somehow they weren't that much exciting as creating something with a pen, a brush or a painting knife.

Even after my school days I painted, scribbled or sketched to balance everyday life - "create" something. Painting takes away all stress and motivates me to do so many things: face my fears, smile more often or stop postponing things. With painting I'm a different person!

My pictures show emotions, order and chaos, tension and calm. I start to paint - make a few thoughts about the picture beforehand but I end up with almost always something completely different. I create every picture with all my energy and passion.

I would by happy if one day a piece of my passion hangs in your living room.

After our moval in february 2020 from Essen to Rodgau, I wanted to get a small area for myself for being creative and productive. This way my husband and I were looking for a slightly larger apartment and quickly found one. Due to the health situation in the first half of 2020, it was difficult to set up any assembles.

In July 2020 we were able to procure everything we needed to assemble a huge work table that offers space and with which I don't have to worry about paint splashes or something like this while painting.

Everything is clear, I have space for my colors and tools and can store my canvases and completed work under the table.

My artistic freedom starts here!