For me art is in the foreground, because art transforms an empty space into an experience. Therefore I would like to offer my work at a price that is as fair as possible.

Each work is handmade and therefore unique, the price is based on the overall format.

The price is calculated according to the formula:
(width in cm + height in cm) * 3 as "artist factor" = selling price in €

Beispielrechnung 60x60
Beispielrechnung 120x60

The same calculation is also used for commissioned work, but an additional down payment, depending on the complexity (technique, special materials, etc.) of the work. This down payment will be discussed individually upon request. Special formats, even multi-part, are no problem.

Shipping is usually done by DHL and is free of charge within Germany.

You are welcome to write me an e-mail or contact me by phone.

Explanation of the "artist factor":

The artist factor is influenced by, among other things, publicity and e.g. awards. Young or unknown artists are recommended an artist factor of 3-5.