For me, the focus is on art, because art turns an empty space into an experience. That's why I want to offer my work at the fairest possible price.

Each work is made by hand and is therefore unique, the price is based on the overall format.

The price is calculated using the formula:
(Width in cm + height in cm) * 1.4 as "artist factor" = sales price in €

Beispielrechnung 60x60
Beispielrechnung 120x60

The same calculation is also used for commissioned work, however 30% of the final price needs to be prepaid. Special formats, also in several parts, are not a problem.

Shipping usually is by DHL and is free of charge for you if it's sent within Germany.

Explanation of the "artist factor":

The artist factor is, among other things, known and e.g. Awards influenced. An artist factor of 3-5 is recommended for young or unknown artists. I want to be able to make a living from my art, but I would like my works to be "affordable". That's why I chose an artist factor of 1.4 for me.