For me art is in the foreground, because art transforms an empty space into an experience. Therefore I would like to offer my work at a price that is as fair as possible.

Each work is handmade and therefore unique, the price is based on the overall format.

The price is calculated according to the formula:
(width in cm + height in cm) * 1,7 as "artist factor" = selling price in €

Beispielrechnung 60x60
Beispielrechnung 120x60

The same calculation is also applied to contract work, but 30% of the final price is due as a deposit. Special formats, even multi-part formats, are no problem.

Shipping is usually done by DHL and is free of charge within Germany.

Explanation of the "artist factor":

The artist factor is influenced by, among other things, publicity and e.g. awards. Young or unknown artists are recommended an artist factor of 3-5. I would like to be able to live from my art, but I want my works to be "affordable". Therefore I chose an artist factor of 1.7 for myself.