How do I paint an abstract picture? Canvas and a brush, some paint and you're ready to go? That's exactly how it looks like. But you can use a lot more stuff to achieve great effects.

My favorite tools are e.g. painting knives because they are so versatile and different - comparable to leaves on a tree. I use stencils and painter's tape for defined shapes and patterns. Dabbing materials, e.g. a sponge, provide versatile effects. Only the interplay of these and other methods decides whether the picture appears chaotic or ordered and what feeling it e.g. causes.

I always use the tools for my pictures according to desire, objectives and the effect to be achieved for the picture as a whole. However, I use high-quality acrylic paints and always seal my pictures with a varnish at the end to ensure the longevity of the colors. After all, how good is a versatile technology if the colors are no longer expressive after a short time?